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 The key objective of the Centre is to reduce a clients business risks. To do this, the Centre has developed a set of tools that allow:

  1. To estimate political risks of a business, in particular, the likelihood of complaints from regulators and the circle of persons interested in it;
  2. To develop a response plan minimizing consequences of adverse events that have already occurred in the clients relationship with the authorities;
  3. To assess the commercial risks of interaction with other economic entities - potential clients or partners;
  4. To evaluate a companys reputation profile in the mass media, social media and the blogosphere;
  5. To reduce an adverse information effect from negative materials published in free access resources, develop and implement an information countercampaign.


The advantage of the Centres approach is the possibility to provide various combinations of the listed services, including turnkey integrated management of political, commercial and reputational risks.

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