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Reputation campaign

Implementation of reputational campaigns can be effective both in case if it is necessary to remedy the existing negative reputation, and for management of positive reputation on the Internet.

A reputation campaign aimed to remedy the existing reputation implies correction, protection and support of the reputation in the mass media and on the Internet. As a rule, such campaigns contain reputational audit (to assess the current situation) and the following information campaign in the media and on the Internet, aimed at minimization of reputational risks and strengthening of a positive public profile of a company.

The campaign, seeking to form positive reputation on the Internet, also implies a reputation audit, but the emphasis of further information work is shifted towards creation and maintenance of a positive information field.

Resources and expertise of Centre for Political Information allow organizing work with both Internet sources and traditional mass media, which further enhances the effect of the actions taken. Years of experience with leading representatives of the mass media, expert community and representatives of public authorities allow the Centre to organize information campaigns of any complexity for a wide range of reputational tasks.

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