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Moscow, 2nd Irininsky Lane 3
Tel: +7 (499) 261-43-82
Email: alekseymukhin@mail.ru
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Centre for Political Information provides a wide range of analytical solutions and consulting services to manage the political, commercial and reputational risks of the clients.

The Centre’s standardized solutions for managing political risks include analytical monitorings and researches. In addition, the experts of the Centre conduct business consulting, seminars and training on a wide range of issues in the sphere of management of political risks in Russia, the CIS countries and Mongolia. All the activities are individual. The program is developed specifically to reach the goals set by the client.

Corporate intelligence services (packages “Integrity due diligence” and “Mass check of contractors”) imply collection and analysis of the maximum of information necessary to make well-grounded decisions about potential partners.

In addition, Centre for Political Information offers a range of services for managing one’s reputation on the Internet. In particular, they include monitoring of search results, electronic mass media, social networks and the blogosphere to identify negative content, and subsequent work aimed at minimizing reputational side effects.

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