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Maxim Lavnichenko

 Deputy Director General of the Center for Political Information



Maxim Lavnichenko was born in 1989. He graduated Russian State Social University, majoring in "Public Relations."

From November 2010 to June 2012 - analyst, senior analyst of "Center for Political Information". A statement was made by the author of more than 250 information and analytical materials in the field of Corporate Investigation.

From June 2012 to August 2015 - Head of the PR-Department. Responsible for the interaction Center with media experts, public authorities and the Centre clients.

From August 2015 - Deputy Director, Head of the monitoring of projects and Political Studies "Center for Political Information". Responsible for the preparation of the key monitoring centers, training and special reports and policy briefs for clients of the Centre for a wide range of socio-economic issues.

Since April 2016 the status of Deputy Director, led the direction of corporate investigations.

Professional areas:

Evaluation of country risk in the activity of economic entities;
Relations between the authorities, business and society;
Industry lobbying and GR;
Fuel and energy complex of Russia;
Combating financial fraud and corruption.

Hobbies - arm wrestling, fitness.







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