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Business Intelligence and information support

Corporate intelligence is a relatively new for the Russian market and widely used overseas instrument for collecting and processing information for making management decisions. Centre for Political Information provides corporate intelligence services in two areas:

  • research of businesses and reputation of individuals and legal entities (Integrity Due Diligence);
  • mass check of existing contractors, corporate investigations (Forensic).
Research of businesses and reputation, or Integrity Due Diligence, can be conducted in a variety of cases, for example, to assess potential business partners prior to acquisition of new assets, investment or credit transactions, as well as to investigate the facts of fraud, etc.


Mass check of contractors, or Forensic, is employed to identify possible fraudulent or corrupt practices within a company, in which its employees may be involved, as well as to carry out an independent assessment and check of a companys contractors.
High level of awareness of our clients about their contractors, competitors and business environment in general allows them to make optimum decisions, assess and control risks.

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