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Mass check of contractors

Working with many partners, suppliers and customers eliminates the possibility of their scrutiny. Meanwhile, lack of information on contractors entails increased commercial and reputational risks since your potential contractors may be involved in fraud or corruption schemes, or be dishonest or unreliable partners.

The Mass check of contractors service implies collection and analysis of all available information about your contractors in order to identify their potential involvement in fraudulent activities. According to the results of the research you will receive information on whether your contractors include:

  • short-lived companies;
  • companies, directors or founders of which are affiliated with your employees;
  • companies with the same founders;
  • companies, the turnover of which with your company exceeds the proceeds submitted to the state agencies;
  • companies, which are in process of elimination or bankruptcy, or are already liquidated.

The final report does not include recommendations on decisions to be take following the results of the carried-out research.



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