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Research of businesses and reputation

Building business relationships with new partners, investing in unfamiliar assets or their acquisition involve risks that may affect your business. In order to minimize commercial and reputational risks you should be sure that your contractors:

  • were not convicted of an illegal or unfair business practices;
  • were not connected with criminal organizations;
  • do not have corrupt connections.

The Integrity Due Diligence service implies collection and analysis of the maximum of information needed to make well-grounded decisions about potential partners. As a result of the research you will receive the following information about an object you are interested in:

  • history of business development, sources of initial capital;
  • review of business and commercial connections;
  • assessment of business reputation;
  • owners, including possible secret beneficiaries, hidden behind offshore and registered shareholders;
  • top management, as well as possible conflicts of interests;
  • possible connections with criminals and involvement in illegal or unfair activity;
  • compliance with the requirements of supervisory and regulatory bodies;
  • judicial history;
  • check for participation in corrupt and fraudulent schemes;
  • possible contacts in regional and / or federal authorities.

The final report does not include recommendations on the decision to be taken in relation to the object of the research.

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