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A client, a large international trading network, planned to cooperate with a Russian company operating in the sphere of brokerage in the commercial real estate market. Centre for Political Information was invited by the client to research the potential partner for corrupt contacts. As a result, it was found out that the top management of the company under consideration was in collusion with the lease department of a big shopping center, extorting large sums for extension or conclusion of lease contracts. The client was informed of this collusion and received a detailed description how the company under consideration extorted money from the tenants.

Subsequently, this information was confirmed as a criminal case on charges of extortion was opened against the Head of the company researched. The key role in the research was played by our confidential sources who reported about the corruption scheme long before the official publication of this information.

A client from among the Russian investment funds considered the possibility of participating in the construction of a cottage settlement in the Krasnodar Territory. The client was interested in information about the initiators of the project, including their past and current activity, sources of wealth, reputation, political and business connections.

The research revealed a close affiliation of the initiators of the project with regional criminal organizations, the legality and ethics of the sources of their wealth were called in question. In addition, as a result of examination of the corporate register and land cadastre, analysis of the judicial history, and inquiry of regional sources, it was concluded that the estates, on which it was planned to erect the cottage settlement, were acquired by the initiators of the project via raider attacks from one of regional private agricultural enterprises.

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